Today I’ll be taking you on a short journey to understanding what Frameworks and Libraries are, and the differences that exist between them.

That said, let’s hit the road.

One thing that you should get clearly before we proceed is the fact that Libraries and Frameworks are very different terms that shouldn’t be used interchangeably as they both operate with different concepts.

A number of Frameworks and Libraries exist for various core programming languages. They are developed by certain individuals or groups to make problem-solving in these core languages easier and faster. …


We’ll continue from where we stopped last time on pseudo-elements ::before and ::after. We’ll be seeing how to apply them in making tooltips. I’ll advice that you go through the previous article if you haven’t, it will help you better understand what we’re dealing with.


Tooltips help provide extra information and clarify the doubt of users as they use some functions in your websites. They’re necessary to offer explanations about particular features and help users use those features even as they navigate your website.

OK that understood, let’s get our hands dirty and make mama some…

Custom Laravel-Vue Config

Vue comes prepackaged with Laravel, ever wondered how to “customly” set it up? This is for you, I hope it’s helpful.

1. As expected, the first step is to create a new laravel project. To do this, you may, or may not need to have laravel installed to in your computer. If you don’t have laravel installed, you’ll simply have to run composer create-project laravel/laravel project-name on your command line to create a new project. Having done this, navigate to the project directory and run npm install to install all node packages present in the package.json …

Original Image Source: Photo by Branko Stancevic on Unsplash

Most likely along the line somewhere, you must have come across ::before (or :before) and ::after (or :after) in some CSS codes and have been asking what they are and what exactly they are used for. Those you see there are referred to as pseudo-elements. As the name pseudo implies, they’re anonymous as they are used to apply styles to sections in web pages without actually defining any new HTML element. Today I will be showing you how they can be applied to style web pages and the implications of using them (::before and ::after).

Please note that either the…

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